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Highlights from the past workshops on communication, leadership, and digital communication

As part of the international project EMPOWER FOR 21, we successfully conducted the third series of popular workshops on communication, leadership, and digital communication this week!

Committed to education and skills enhancement, we invited experienced lecturers Franko Bertoncelj and Marko Šopar, both psychologists from Aletheia company. They provided participants with valuable insights and tools for smoother functioning in the professional environment. In the 5-hour workshops, attendees gained fundamental knowledge on the mentioned topics, which they further deepened through concrete examples and hands-on training.

Participants were not only enthusiastic about the acquired knowledge but also about the relaxed and enjoyable workshop delivery, along with the professionalism of the presenters. They expressed a desire for future workshop repetitions, recognizing the acquired knowledge as a crucial tool for better interpersonal relationships both in the workplace and beyond.