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Guidebook For The Beginning Of The Study Period

Researchers within the framework of the EMPOWER FOR 21 project have prepared a special manual in Slovene language titled “Življenjski prehodi” aimed at students at the beginning of their studies.

This is the first manual of its kind in the Slovenian higher education space, offering information on topics such as time management, relationships, sexuality, addictions, etc. Students will also find descriptions of the most common challenges of this period, as well as ideas on how to effectively cope with them.

The manual originates from the English version developed by Canadian psychology experts. Based on a professional review, it was adapted by experts from UKC Maribor and MF UM according to cultural characteristics. These experts include Prof. Hojka Gregorič Kumperščak, MD, PhD, an expert in child and adolescent psychiatry, Nina Vučinič, MSc in psychology, Sara Plakolm Erlač, BA in psychology, and Prof. Norbert Skokauskas, MD, PhD, an expert in child and adolescent psychiatry from NTNU, Norway.

This material is available to all interested parties, on this website or via a direct link. Some libraries across Slovenia will also offer printed copies for borrowing.