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The opening of the laparoscopic simulator at the Faculty of Medicine in Maribor

Yesterday, on December 13, 2023, a ceremonial opening of the laparoscopic simulator took place at the Faculty of Medicine. The advanced equipment, acquired as part of the collaborative project EMPOWER FOR 21, will enable medical students to engage in in vitro simulation of surgical procedures. The laparoscopic simulator, fully funded through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and Slovenian participation, is a valuable addition to medical education.

During the event, a representative from the company responsible for supplying the simulator practically demonstrated its use, providing comprehensive information about the simulator itself and its operation. Participants had the opportunity to personally test the simulator, contributing to a better understanding of its functionality.

Simultaneously, a productive debate unfolded regarding the possibilities of incorporating the simulator into specialized training and discussions about its integration into the curriculum. The laparoscopic simulator represents a modern device allowing medical students to simulate surgical interventions, enhancing critical thinking skills in the resolution of procedural challenges.

Within the EMPOWER FOR 21 project, the Faculty of Medicine and the University Medical Centre Maribor aim to further integrate the laparoscopic simulator into the educational program. This initiative aims to provide students with more opportunities to gain practical experience and improve their skills before entering clinical environments.

Through this project and the acquired simulator, we reinforce the excellence of our educational system, ensuring that future healthcare professionals receive the best possible training for their future careers.